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Activity Booking

Sheppey District Scouts have a range of activity equipment that can be hired out to Scout and Guide groups across Kent for a small cost. Below is a list of all the activity equipment we have available to hire and the relevant prices.

Activity Equipment:

  • Archery (Selection of equipment suitable for age range required) - £5 per half day session with £15 returnable deposit.
  • Air Rifles (4 air rifles, with pellets and targets) - £15 per half day session with a £15 returnable deposit.
  • Circus Skills (Various equipment) - £5 per day with a £5 deposit.
  • Crossbows (6 crossbows, darts and target) -£10 per half day session with a £20 returnable deposit.
  • Flight Simulator (Only available in district. no laptop/projector included) - £5 per half day session.
  • Model Boats for use on water (7 boats) - £5 per half day session with £20 deposit.
  • Pedal Go-Karts (5 Go-Karts) - £25 per half day session with a £50 deposit.
  • Water Rockets (5 sets available) -£5 per half day session.

Garden games set (2 netball posts/Large dominoes/ Large snakes and ladders/ Hoopla/ Large parachute/ Tin can alley/ Boules x 2 sets/ Giant draughts and chess/ Skittles/ Connect 4/ Basketball) £10 a day with £5 deposit

Indoor games set (Hoopla/ Small Parachute/ Tin can alley/ magnetic dartboard/ Wooden puzzles/ Beanbag throwing game/ Small Jenga/ Skittles/ Frog jumping game/Small dominoes x 2/ Playing cards/ Foam football) £10 a day with £5 deposit

Table games set (2 football/ hockey tables, 1 football table, 1 air hockey table, 1 pool table, 1 basketball game) £10 with a £5 deposit

*Please note if you are part of the Sheppey District then a deposit is not required for activities equipment and is charged at £5 per half day session.

Other Equipment:

Colemans Event Shelter (4.5m x 4.5m) - £25 per day with a £200 deposit.

Cool boxes (2 large available)

Deep Fat Fryer - £25 per day with a £200 deposit.

Gas/Electric fridge - £25 per day with a £50 deposit.

Gas urn - £10 per day with a £10 deposit

Gas 6 burner catering oven - £25 per day with a £200 deposit.

Water carriers - Free to hire

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