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Members Area

Welcome to your members area. A location to help our volunteers with Scouting on the Isle of Sheppey.

Leaving the normal meeting place?

Let the DC know by filling out the following form: sheppeyscouts.org.uk/out 

Going camping?

Remember to send a NAN form and Risk Assessment to camping@sheppeyscouts.org.uk at least 4 week before the event.

Or send an electronic NAN form using our automated form: sheppeyscouts.org.uk/nan (coming soon)

Welcome to the team!

Welcome guide for new volunteers click here


Check out these quick appointments links:

Change of Role - sheppeyscouts.org.uk/cr 
Adult Information (new volunteers) - sheppeyscouts.org.uk/ai
Reference form - sheppeyscouts.org.uk/rf

Online Scout Manager Help...

We know sometimes it can be confusing and overwhelming when trying to do things on OSM. We have put together some information to help you out. Click here 


Check out the free district resources below.

Headed Paper - click here
Office Templates - Coming soon
Recruitment Materials - click here

District Waiting List

As you are aware, on the Isle of Sheppey we have a District Waiting List. This allows us to get more young people into Scouting by offering them a place at the first available group rather than leaving people stuck on lists. 

For the above reason, you should not be using local group waiting lists. 

Isle of Sheppey District Scouts.
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